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Welcome Friends, Old & New

Back in 2015 I was bought a toy drone for Christmas, if you had told me that a few years later I would be filming for Channel 4 I honestly would have thought you were crazy!

However, flying that drone somehow sparked a creative side of me that I had never found until then. I was always that kid with awful handwriting (still am) and terrible at drawing (yep, still am as well) so the creative stuff at school was so far from what I thought was "creative" I thought I wasn't all that good at it. I had always been interested in technology and as I went through my late teens I sort had a little interest in photography but that's as far is it went.

By 2017 I had set up Apollo Drone Services Limited with my Dad and together we turned my hobby into a money making business. It soon became apparent that filming with a drone went hand in hand with regular filming so we invested in everything we needed to make a full on production for our customers. It was a hard but enjoyable road for me, flying a drone was simple and I got the hang of that straight away (thank you Xbox) but learning the intricacies of what goes into creating and editing high quality video definitely took some time and it's obvious now that you never, ever stop learning.

In October of last year I made the decision to quit my regular job and go full time with Apollo but something had to change as our expertise as a business were far from "Drone Services" and it was becoming evident when talking to potential clients that they immediately assumed I was just a "drone man" because of our company name. We didn't even provide drone services and hadn't since day one, the drone filming had for the most part been secondary to regular filming so it was always an uphill task when meeting people to tell them that in fact I'm a videographer and drone services isn't something on offer, all with an Apollo Drone Services card sitting on the table.

Apollo Video Marketing then, why the name?

It describes exactly what we offer, video for Marketing yourself or your business and it's time to bring this once expensive option to all.

Almost every local business now has some form of online presence whether it be a website or social but many are stale and don't show how they work, even through pictures. Our aim is to create great looking content for them and guide them through getting it published to all of their channels. Video production was only ever available to big companies due to the huge cost and up until 2010 it was only ever really for commercial TV. Now, 10 years later, we have technology like drones that replace the need for an aerial film crew and a helicopter, we have cameras you can keep in your pocket that shoot exceptional video footage and fast, feature rich editing suits that work on an iPad. It's all of this stuff combined that make it possible for videographers like myself to produce cinema quality videos at a fraction of the price it would have been back in the day.

It became evident to me at the end of last year just how important video is when a local barber called me to ask if I could help making content for his Instagram as his competitors were posting stuff all the time and stealing his business. It took me by surprise a little bit and I didn't really know how to price it as everything I had done up until that point had been on a much bigger scale but what did come from our conversation was just how much social media is impacting his business. It proved to me just how important content is to EVERY business.

I also read on Facebook the other day of a small dog grooming business somewhere in Hampshire that had a video made of the dogs being washed and she said it had got her "so much business" just from porting it on Facebook.

If you run a business why not get in touch? I can guarantee you that there will be something i can offer you.

That's me done for the 1st blog entry, next time I'll tell you how I broke my ankle filming in the Italian Alps last month.



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